Would you disclose that you have a mental health condition to your manager?
If you are a manager, are you comfortable responding to someone who does?

Consider this research: around 50% of managers believe that none of their employees will experience a mental health problem at work.

This research was pre-Covid. It may be different today. But I wonder if that number masked a bigger issue then and one that is growing now?

With a mental health pandemic running parallel to the Covid one, many in management still lack confidence and competence to raise the issue, to recognise the signs and know what support to offer and how. Maybe not believing or seeing it was one response to this.

Unsurprisingly there has been a rush for mental health training for managers over the last year. I am grateful to have provided some of this training. But I suspect that for some organisations, it’s still a ‘tick a box’ exercise.

Yet participants are hungry for information & skills.

In a recent HBR article on disclosure at work, the key take-away for managers is: “Make yourself “tell-able”.”

Remember managers don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to fix it. Start by believing your employee and listen without judgment.

???? So, would you disclose a mental health issue to your manager?

Link to the actual article here: https://hbr.org/2021/02/when-your-employee-discloses-a-mental-health-condition

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As author of a best-selling textbook on Management and Organisational Behaviour, now in its eleventh edition and used by over half a million students, I have read with great interest Anne’s innovative and thought provoking work on the neuroscience of change and The Almond Effect®. I am pleased to reference the work of Anne Riches in this major text as an internationally recognised leader in neuroscientific research and the management of change.
Laurie J. Mullins, Author – Management & Organisational Behaviour, Pearson Education Ltd
Anne Riches was ranked the best speaker with comments like “Anne Riches – outstanding”, “Anne Riches – loved her “realness”,“Great presenter – real highlight”, “An outstanding presenter, relevant, vibrant”, “Obviously excellent and readily applicable to work situations”, “Fantastic thought provoking workshop – very inspiring”, “High energy presentation – good stuff to take away”, “Invaluable information (that applies in all areas of life) presented in a fun, interactive manner”, “THE most powerful and useful session I think I have attended.”
Lyall Lukey, Convenor ELF Smartnet NZ
Anne … thank you! You knocked it out of the park!! It not only made but exceeded expectations. It was a lot of material to get into three hours but you did it … they got it … and now we have common language … plus we have a better means to communicate and deal with conscious issues.
Peter Niboli, Director, California Retail, JR Simplot Company
Thank you for another fantastic course. The course is great, and obviously meticulously planned. Through your own diverse experiences, your ability to think so quickly, your commitment to listen, understand and communicate effectively, you are able to bring issues to life. Your abilities and confidence become instilled in your participants, and as a manager, I have seen that transferred to the workplace.
Telephone Sales Manager. Call Centres, Qantas
From the personal feedback I have received, you certainly made a difference. On a personal note, I’m inspired and thankful that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from someone like you. You have no idea of the changes I have made in my life since listening to you.
Business Manager, Australian Taxation Office
Once an organisation engages you, you manage to ‘cut to the chase’ very quickly. You have an uncanny ability to engage with people (whether they want to or not!). What I am saying is, in addition to your many and varied professional qualifications, and your understanding of organisations, you really understand people and what makes them tick. You quickly win the trust of others. People feel very safe when they put themselves in your hands.
Virginia Briggs, Chief Executive Officer, MinterEllison
Anne brought a hugely impactful authentic and accessible style of presentation and conversation to the eBay Australia... Anne's unique style of connecting with participants in a caring and personable way through sharing her own experiences and knowledge on mental ill health was so wonderful. We have received so many fantastic reviews from staff who said the session deeply resonated with them and has helped them know how to start those challenging but important conversations.
Anna Gambrill, Retail Marketing Manager, eBay Australia.
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