Anne has worked with hundreds of diverse organisations in Australia and around the world.
Here is a small sample of clients and what they say about working with Anne whether virtually or in-person.

You were amazing. Great job in getting a room full of men talking about mental health
Audience member (a man!)
RMS Safety, NSW
Once an organisation engages you, you manage to ‘cut to the chase’ very quickly. You have an uncanny ability to engage with people (whether they want to or not!). What I am saying is, in addition to your many and varied professional qualifications, and your understanding of organisations, you really understand people and what makes them tick. You quickly win the trust of others. People feel very safe when they put themselves in your hands.
Virginia Briggs
CEO MinterEllison
Anne brought a hugely impactful authentic and accessible style of presentation and conversation to the eBay Australia... Anne's unique style of connecting with participants in a caring and personable way through sharing her own experiences and knowledge on mental ill health was so wonderful. We have received so many fantastic reviews from staff who said the session deeply resonated with them and has helped them know how to start those challenging but important conversations.
Anna Gambrill
Retail Marketing Manager, eBay Australia
Anne gets in the trenches with you and without any judgment, finds the pain points that are holding you and your business back. Anne provides practical guidance and support for people and businesses managing change, looking to improve the way they look after their people, and finding new opportunities for excellence.
Leighton Williams
Black Dog Institute
We are very grateful to Anne for her very candid and energising presentation to our Vision Australia team. Anne shared her experience of mental health and wellbeing and made it safe and possible for many others within our organisation to do the same. Thank you Anne, you have made a big impact on our team and on the normalising of mental health.
Ron Hooton
Chief Executive, Vision Australia
Anne brought such an incredible energy to the day. Instantly likeable, warm and engaging - Anne is a brilliant public speaker. Much more importantly, Anne brought so many practical tips and relatable anecdotes and the feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive.
Matthew Parker
Connections Manager, Twinings
In conversation with Chief People Officer, Anne shared her personal story with warmth and frankness, giving relatable insights into her own journey of mental wellness. Importantly, she also talked on a practical level about how to connect with someone who might be struggling in the workplace, how to ask ‘are you ok’ meaningfully, and then what to say if they are not ok and where to refer for help. Anne’s credibility, along with her great sense of grounded humour, ensured the discussion flowed smoothly and hit the mark.
Ken McNoe
Manager Clinical Governance and Quality Healthdirect Australia
Her passion, knowledge and ability to engage our employees even in a virtual world was fantastic.
Sandra Karam
NPS MedicineWise
Our audience of leaders is a very diverse group. Some want to be convinced by hearing the theory, others by how well it connects to their lived experience and some just want to be entertained. Anne’s obvious expertise in her area and experience of life as well as her irrepressible energy as a presenter resulted in her achieving that rare goal of delivering value to all in the room – there was a real buzz.
Executive Manager
Corporate Support
Fairfield City Council
We have had leaders consistently report gaining deep insights and leaving with tools that they are immediately able to apply in the workplace and in their personal life. Anne has helped establish a common language for these critical skills throughout our organization. Her work has helped us be more prepared for the coming changes in our Company that are critical for us to get to the next level.
Ryck Tanner
Director, Leadership & Development (Global), J.R. Simplot Company
As author of a best-selling textbook on Management and Organisational Behaviour, now in its eleventh edition and used by over half a million students, I have read with great interest Anne’s innovative and thought provoking work on the neuroscience of change and The Almond Effect®. I am pleased to reference the work of Anne Riches AM in this major text as an internationally recognised leader in neuroscientific research and the management of change.
Laurie J. Mullins
Author, Management & Organisational Behaviour, Pearson Education Ltd
Anne Riches AM was ranked the best speaker with comments like “Anne Riches AM – outstanding”, “Anne Riches AM – loved her “realness”, “Great presenter – real highlight”, “An outstanding presenter, relevant, vibrant”, “Obviously excellent and readily applicable to work situations”, “Fantastic thought provoking workshop – very inspiring”, “High energy presentation – good stuff to take away”, “Invaluable information (that applies in all areas of life) presented in a fun, interactive manner”, “THE most powerful and useful session I think I have attended.”
Lyall Lukey
Convenor ELF Smartnet NZ
Anne’s contribution to both our people and our people leaders has been transformational.
Our people leaders have been able to immediately translate their new understanding into their daily work and feel equipped to confidently lead through the next period of change. The common language and understanding are invaluable.
Ruma Karaitiana
Chief Executive, NZ Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation
Anne … thank you! You knocked it out of the park!! It not only made but exceeded expectations. It was a lot of material to get into three hours but you did it … they got it … and now we have common language … plus we have a better means to communicate and deal with conscious issues.
Peter Niboli
Director, California Retail, JR Simplot Company
Thank you for another fantastic course. The course is great, and obviously meticulously planned. Through your own diverse experiences, your ability to think so quickly, your commitment to listen, understand and communicate effectively, you are able to bring issues to life. Your abilities and confidence become instilled in your participants, and as a manager, I have seen that transferred to the workplace.
Telephone Sales Manager
Call Centres, Qantas
From the personal feedback I have received, you certainly made a difference. On a personal note, I’m inspired and thankful that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from someone like you. You have no idea of the changes I have made in my life since listening to you.
Business Manager
Australian Taxation Office
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Leaders are key influencers in the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Yet leaders are often reticent to have mental health conversations in case they ‘get it wrong’, ‘make it worse’, or simply do not know what to do or say.

Anne’s presentations address these concerns and instill leaders with the confidence, skills and competence to protect, enhance and support employee mental health.

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