Do your leaders recognise the importance of a mentally healthy workplace, especially in this rapidly changing world?

Are your leaders prepared for effective conversations about mental health and productive next steps?

Is your organisation equipped to manage the risk of increasing numbers of stress and mental health issues?

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Anne Riches AM

How Anne leads leaders

Anne, the Mindfield Navigator, works with leaders at every level with her deep change leadership and mental health expertise, the latest research and her lived experience as a successful leader while managing depression and anxiety.

The result? Your leaders are more confident and capable to manage mental health well and minimise the impact on performance and results.

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Anne’s expertise is guiding leaders to be mentally healthy themselves and recognise, support and effectively manage colleagues who are struggling.

Anne works with leaders to create, champion, and model productive, sustainable, best practice mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplaces.

In 2023, Anne was invested as a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for significant service to community mental health organisations.

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High impact programs tailored for your organisation

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Raising mental health awareness is the first step. But too many organisations stop there. The next steps are the critical ones. Leaders set the standard. They are role models. Their responsibility is to create a workplace that demonstrably values and prioritises employees’ mental health and wellbeing. To do that, they need confidence and competence to recognise signs early, have constructive, collaborative mental health conversations, and provide effective support systems and structures, crucial to a psychologically safe culture. Anne can guide you on this journey.

Mindfield Navigation for Leaders

Leadership, mental health and emotional intelligence are inextricably connected. But it is a Mindfield to navigate that mental space. Thoughts and emotions act like booby-traps sabotaging us from achieving what we want, and being who we want to be, both at home and at work.

Let Anne map the emotionally smart and savvy way to manage our Mindfield rather than it manage us. She will equip your leaders to lead, support and encourage others in disrupting, uncertain and for many, frightening times.

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Leaders, Teams, Human Resources,
Risk Managers, WHS

Our Clients

Proudly working with leading International
and Australian organisations

“You were amazing. Great job in getting a room full of men talking about mental health”
Audience member (a man!)
RMS Safety, NSW
“Our audience of leaders is a very diverse group. Some want to be convinced by hearing the theory, others by how well it connects to their lived experience and some just want to be entertained. Anne’s obvious expertise in her area and experience of life as well as her irrepressible energy as a presenter resulted in her achieving that rare goal of delivering value to all in the room – there was a real buzz.”
Executive Manager Corporate Support
Fairfield City Council
“We have had leaders consistently report gaining deep insights and leaving with tools that they are immediately able to apply in the workplace and in their personal life. Anne has helped establish a common language for these critical skills throughout our organization. Her work has helped us be more prepared for the coming changes in our Company that are critical for us to get to the next level.”
Ryck Tanner - Director
Leadership & Development (Global), J.R. Simplot Company
“Anne’s contribution to both our people and our people leaders has been transformational. Our people leaders have been able to immediately translate their new understanding into their daily work and feel equipped to confidently lead through the next period of change. The common language and understanding are invaluable.”
Ruma Karaitiana - Chief Executive
NZ Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation
“Once an organisation engages you, you manage to ‘cut to the chase’ very quickly. You have an uncanny ability to engage with people (whether they want to or not!). What I am saying is, in addition to your many and varied professional qualifications, and your understanding of organisations, you really understand people and what makes them tick. You quickly win the trust of others. People feel very safe when they put themselves in your hands.”.
Virginia Briggs - Chief Executive Officer
“Anne brought a hugely impactful authentic and accessible style of presentation and conversation to the eBay Australia... Anne's unique style of connecting with participants in a caring and personable way through sharing her own experiences and knowledge on mental ill health was so wonderful. We have received so many fantastic reviews from staff who said the session deeply resonated with them and has helped them know how to start those challenging but important conversations. “
Anna Gambrill - Retail Marketing Manager
eBay Australia
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